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Community Grant Program 2021 - Open

The Town of Deep River is accepting application for the 2021 Community Grant Program Application Open Every year the Municipality receives more grant requests than it can fund. The objective of this Municipal Community Grants Program is to treat all organizations fairly and consistently and to share available resources throughout the municipality. Grants are intended to provide modest levels of support and assistance to community non-profit organizations. Completed forms must be submitted before October 31st each year for the projects scheduled for the next calendar year. Types of Grants The different types of grants awarded under the Grants Program are as identified. “Community Project” grants are defined as one-time assistance either as seed funding for the start-up of an organization/project, or funds for a short-term undertaking with a start-up and completion date or loan guarantees to assist an organization in acquiring the financial assistance from financial institutions needed to support the construction of the project or support for a specific project. “Corporate” grants are defined as operating funding to assist with the general operating expenses of the group, including administrative costs and program-related expenses as well as leadership costs such as coaching, training and instruction. “Special Events” grants are defined as any one-time or first-time event that is of cultural, social or recreational significance to the community and which may have the participation of more than one organization. “Community Event” is defined as a recurring event that Council has determined provides some significant benefit to the broad community, and is open to all members of the public. Funding Eligibility An applicant organization must meet the following general criteria in order to be considered for a Town of Deep River grant: View the General Criteria here Application All grant applications shall be directed to the Town of Deep River Recreation Program Coordinator on or before October 31st of each year to ensure they are considered within the Community Development Grant Program Intake. Only one grant request per organization per year will be considered. A maximum of $10,000.00 may be awarded to any organization annually. All applications shall be submitted on the Grant Application form together with the following information and documentation:

  1. Outline the service the organization provides to the community as well as how this supports Council’s Strategic Priorities;

  1. The amount of financial assistance required;

  1. The degree in which the community benefits as a result of the grant;

  1. A detailed proposed budget for the current year, detailing expenditures and   

           revenues, including a list of all other grants and/or donations;   

  1. Formal financial statements (not audited) from the immediately preceding fiscal year will need to include:   

i. Statement of Financial Position – signed by two directors ii. Statement of Revenue and Expenditures iii. Statement of Assets

  1. Listing of the current Board of Directors, including addresses and phone numbers;

     7. Copy of the minutes taken at the most recent Annual General Meeting.  Special Event/Community Event Grant Application Community and Corporate Grant Application Application Review Process Late or incomplete applications for any grant will not be forwarded for consideration. Completed applications for Community Project grants, Corporate grants, and Community Event grants (as defined by this policy) which are received by the October 31st application deadline will be forwarded to Council with a recommendation from staff for review and consideration. Grant assistance in any one year or over several years is not to be interpreted as a commitment to future year’s funding. All grant applicants shall be notified, in writing, of Council’s decision. Payment The term of a grant shall be for one year only unless Council has endorsed a multi-year commitment in the Community Project grant category. Applicants are advised that grants may not be continued from year to year. Renewals are not automatic nor is any increase in funds. Grant recipients will be notified in writing of the grant amount approved following Council approval of the Town’s annual budget. Grants may be awarded with certain terms and conditions. The letter of award will state, if any, the restrictions that apply to the grant. Mid-Year Review Process Community groups that will be seeking funding for consecutive years will be required to provide a mid-year report which will include the following information:

  1. A multi-year financial forecast (3 to 5 years) for the organization which should include estimated revenues and expenditures;

  1. A list of completed or planned applications for funding from other funding sources

including other levels of government where applicable for the following year; This information must be submitted to the Recreation Program Coordinator no later than August 1st in each year. Financial sustainability is critical to the ongoing success for this program. Community groups should not rely on this program as their main source of funding each year. 


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