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Community Centre Management Committee

The Deep River Community Centre was originally owned by Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. and was sold to the Town of Deep River for $1.  The Town, not wanting to be in the landlord business with the clubs that occupy the building, leased it to the DRCA for $1/year.  The DRCA in turn formed the Community Centre Management Committee (CCMC) so that the clubs using the building could participate in the management of the building they share in common.  


The CCMC consists of three members from each club that has space in the building plus a representative of the DRCA Board of Directors.  The CCMC undertakes all decisions, budgets, and actions required to keep the building good shape and serving their needs.  They have even gone on to install a community garden that grows vegetables for the Food Bank.  


The CCMC enjoys good relations with Town staff receiving assistance on exterior items.  In a joint arrangement where the Town will maintain the roof,The Town has installed solar panels on the roof to generate green energy.


The Bowling Congress, The Hospital Auxiliary, and the Potters' Guild all have space in the building.

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