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What We Do


  • Provide financial advice and security for standing committees and user groups.  These current committees/groups are THEOP (THEatre OPerating Committee), Mackey Camp Committee, Community Centre Management Committee, and the Childs Auditorium & Piano Users Group.  The Community Centre is leased by the DRCA from the Town of Deep River.


  • Provide a scholarship to a graduating Mackenzie Community School student with the most volunteer hours.


  • Provide substantial financial support for the Canada Day fireworks through a Heritage Canada grant.


  • Act as a liaison between member clubs and local municipalities and schools/school boards.


  • Provide and maintain the Steinway grand piano at Bernard Childs Auditorium as well as a Genie Lift stored at Mackenzie Community School.


  • Serve as a central source for information on services within the community.


  • Provide assistance for launching new clubs.


  • Act as a repository for the assets of a club in temporary suspension.


  • Give local citizens the opportunity to have a say in the recreational and cultural aspects of the community by attending the Annual General Meeting and/or becoming a member of the Board of Directors.

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