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August 2017 Newsletter

The transition from summer to fall is often a busy time for clubs and organizations as they get themselves organized for another year of providing their services to their members and audiences. This year the transition seems rather blurred as the summer weather we expect in North Renfrew never got going. Sure we got the mosquitos, but where was the sun? It hid behind the moon last Monday during the eclipse, but that’s no excuse Mr. Sun.

Club Registration Night

One of the rights of getting your Club going in the fall is the annual Club Registration night. This year, Christine at the Town informs me she wants to expand it past registration and into a Community Information Night. So, even if you are not interested in taking registrations that night, take it as an opportunity to tell the good people that will be coming through the door about who it is you are, what you do, and who you do it for. Take a booth and get your Club or Organization known to a broader audience! The sum of the whole will show people new to North Renfrew there is a lot going on and they are invited to participate. It’s even better, it’s all free! So be there with a booth or come out and check out what others have to offer. Wed. Sept. 6th 6:30-8:30 at Mackenzie High School.

New Website

Also along the lines of getting your Club known is the new DRCA website. Our student, Brittany Boor and Board member with skills in websites and all things social media, Cheryl Smith, have put the final touches on and we are live!

The website includes a page for every Club that is a Member of the DRCA plus links to your website and Facebook page. It is looking rather slick and the total efforts of all the Clubs in North Renfrew, all in one place on the web, is rather impressive as a “What is there to do?” webpage. We have also included links to the Towns of Deep River and Laurentian Hills to provide one stop shopping into their programs.

Non-member clubs get an honourable listing. If your club is not a Member of the DRCA and you want promotion to a full page on our website, the cost is the same as joining the DRCA: $40/year. Best deal in town.

Be sure to check out your Club’s listing and others. The page is not static so if you have ideas on adding things let us know. If we have somehow mis-represented your organization, let us know and we’ll fix it right away. There is also an Events Calendar on things happening. Send us your event dates and we’ll post them for all to see. We also have a new Facebook page and our intent is to follow what’s happening in North Renfrew and re-post appropriate events. So follow us on Facebook.

Board of Directors

Bernice Recchia, our treasurer, has diligently gone through our delinquent accounts receivable and will have a full financial report for the DRCA AGM on the finances of the DRCA in the era after selling the North Renfrew Times. We have emerged in better financial health than the Board expected.

Marie Corriveau is organizing a new Standing Committee for the management of the grand piano and the Child’s Auditorium Child’s Chairs fund. There is an endowment with the Community Foundation for the maintenance of the piano. As part of the Trillium Grant to renovate the chairs and theatre lighting in the Auditorium there is a maintenance fund and this new standing committee made up of users will manage the money, the work, and the results. Having the users directly take charge of these assets is the best way to get the job done in a knowledgeable and efficient manner.

Wendy Murphy has been busy reviewing and providing helpful suggestions and comments, even from afar.

Barb has been her ever efficient secretary self.

Well, that’s all the news from the President’s desk (I don’t have a desk actually but we do continue to share the office with the new owners of the NRT). Have a great Labour Day weekend and hope to see you at Community Information Night and virtually on our new website and Facebook page.

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