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Childs Auditorium & Piano User Group

The Deep River Community Association owns the concert grand piano that is located in the Bernard Childs Auditorium in Mackenzie Community School. This piano is a Steinway Concert Grand "D" #237401, and is an irreplaceable community asset. A brand new "D" piano retails for over $150,000. The DRCA currently employs students to maintain the humidity in the room where the piano is stored.

The primary users of the piano are the Deep River Choral Group, Deep River Symphony Orchestra, THEOP and Junior Music Club. Visiting artists are always surprised to find such a fine instrument in a small town. Owning this piano enriches the musical enjoyment of the community and is a treasured asset of the DRCA.


The Bernard Childs Auditorium is a work of the DRCA as well. They suggested the idea, and with the fundraising help from the Deep River Symphony Orchestra, Deep River Choral Group, Deep River Players, and citizens, and the design help from Bernard Childs, the Bernard Childs Auditorium was born. 

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