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The Deep River Community Association (DRCA) is a community organization whose mission is to: promote, organize, conduct, and manage organizations among the residents of the communities of North Renfrew for the furthering of health-giving, social, and cultural recreational programs and activities, and to promote the general welfare of residents in said community. The DRCA is the umbrella organization for many clubs throughout the community of North Renfrew.

The DRCA owns THEOP, which brings 6 or 7 professional shows to Deep River and the community every year. They also own the lease for the Deep River Community Centre, which is home to the Whistle Stop, the Bowling Alley, and the Potters' Guild. The DRCA owns the Steinway Concert Grand "D" Piano, which is used by various musical groups, students, and performers. Other parts of the DRCA include: ownership of the Mackey Scout Camp, a land-use permit for a ski cabin, applications for Trillium grants, fireworks shows, all-candidates meetings, and more. 

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