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Deep River Nursery School

Located in Mackenzie Community School

(87 Brockhouse Way, Deep River) 

Room 164


The Deep River Childcare Centre started as a co-operative nursery school that was established in 1967 by a volunteer board of directors.  The centre continues to grow and offer wonderful learning opportunities for children who are 12 months to school aged. 

The programs at the Deep River Nursery School strive to deliver stimulating learning experiences in a safe environment that enhances children’s social, intellectual, physical, and emotional development. This enhancement happens throughout a child’s daily routine which encompasses a balance of indoor and outdoor play, as well as active play, rest and quiet time.

All staff will promote the health, safety, nutrition and well-being of each child by providing a clean and safe environment, nutrition based on the Canada’s Food Guide, access to drinking water throughout the day, limited transitions, eliminating any environmental issues that may cause undue stress to the child, unnecessary disruptions to play and reducing hazards that may cause injury.

Play is the cornerstone of each of our programs – understood to be essential to the healthy social and cognitive development of children.

It is known that children flourish in all areas of development when they are in supportive, caring and responsive relationships with adults whose focus is on the health, safety, nutrition and well-being of all children. This is the foundation of quality child care.

All staff will foster the children’s exploration, play and inquiry by providing a variety of activities, and an environment rich in content, that encourages choices, and active play, supported by qualified, attentive and interactive educators.

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