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Deep River Lawn Bowling Club

Please review your club's information.  If any changes are to be made, please submit them using the form below.  Even if none are to be made, please confirm the information is correct using the same form. Thank you.

If you have revised your club constitution within the last year, please submit the new constitution, indicating the changes, for ratification.

Club Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 2158, Deep River



Contact Name for Inquiries: Barbara Stephens

Contact E-Mail:

Contact Phone: 613-584-9210

Contact Name for DRCA Communication: 

Contact E-Mail: 

Contact Phone: 


Dominion of Canada General Insurance

Policy # 1599400

Term of Office: 

October 2016

Details of Club Program:

Lawn bowling

Club Fee Structure:  


Junior Program Details:

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