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Deep River Duplicate Bridge Club

The Duplicate Bridge Club is one of Deep River's longest-running clubs. Started in the 1950s, the Club has played the venerable card game every year since. Bridge is extremely popular in Deep River. We have an active group of more than 80 Bridge enthusiasts and we regularly attract about eight tables per session.

Currently, the Club plays in the Library Program room on Tuesday evenings in September and October. We switch to Tuesday afternoon play during the winter months of November through March. Afternoon play resumes in April and continues through May. The Club takes a summer break in June, July and August.

Unlike Casual Bridge where the element of chance determines whether you are dealt favourable cards, Duplicate Bridge heightens the aspect of skill while reducing the luck factor. All players play the same pre-dealt hands and are scored on their performance relative to other teams. This leads to a competitive game that players find very addictive. 


Our Club is open and friendly. Any Bridge player is welcome to come with a partner to a Club game. The cost is $4 per player per session. This includes coffee and snacks.

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